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iSmile Dental, Inc. is specializing in Implant, Prosthodontics, Pediatrics & Orthodontics. Dr. Kim, founding dentist at iSmile Implant Center, is an assistant clinical professor, volunteer at UCSF and has placed more than five thousands successful implants. Dr. Kim will provide all the consultation and procedures from beginning to end using Sate-of-the-Art & High-Tech dental equipment and software. Also, specialized doctors will provide each patients with the best treatment and care.

iSmile Implant Center

Implants and Prosthodontics: Dr. Kim
iSmile Implant Center Offers the 10-Year-Warranty-Program:
(Implant Fixture: 10 Years & Implant Crown: 3 Years).

As an active member of AO (Academy of Osseointegration), iSmile Implant Center offers advanced specialized knowledge about the science and clinical applications of implant dentistry.

iSmile Orthodontic Center

Dr. Chen, Dr. Liz Kim and Dr. Navarrete
iSmile Orthodontic Center provides professional orthodontics: Metal Brackets (Braces), Porcelain (Tooth Colored) Brackets, Invisalign® (Clear Braces), ClearCorrect™ (Invisible Braces), and Incognito™ (Hidden Lingual Braces).

iSmile Pediatric Care Department

Dr. Bang, Dr. Tran, Dr. S. Kim, Dr. Ji and Dr. Choi

General-Family-Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Park, Dr. Bang, Dr. S. Kim, Dr. Tran, Dr. Ji and Dr. Choi

Our clinic is based on the belief that our patients' needs are of the utmost importance.

Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs as gently as possible. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best dental service including Dental Implants, Mini Dental Implants (MDIs), Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Metal Brackets (Braces), Porcelain (Tooth Colored) Brackets, Invisalign® (Clear Braces), ClearCorrect™ (Invisible Braces), Incognito™ (Hidden Braces), Insigna™, Dentures (False Teeth), Bridge (Fixed Partial Denture), Periodontics, General/Family Dentistry, Sedative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Laminate Veneers, LUMINEERS®, Teeth Whitening, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontal Deep Cleaning, Endodontic Root Canals, Oral Surgery, Nightguard™, Bone Grafting, Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Oral Cancer Screening.

About Us

Dr. Kim, DDS MSD PhD (Implant Specialist and Founder of iSmile Dental): Serving as Assistant Clinical Professor, Volunteer at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Preventive and Restorative Dental Science Dept.
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