Dentists who are prosthodontists specialize in the restoration and replacement of teeth. They have advance training and work at a higher level to provide the best treatment available. They are trained to apply basic fundamentals to complex problems. Prosthodontists can coordinate the patient’s treatment with other dental and health professionals to best achieve the patient’s goals.

Dental Crowns

Dental-CrownThese prosthetic teeth are designed to repair damaged teeth. They are made of ceramic or a combination of metal and porcelain materials, and are designed to resemble the natural appearance of teeth.

Dental Bridges

These are prosthodontic restorations designed to treat missing teeth. They may be supported by natural teeth or be supported by implants. Dental bridges are often used in place of removable partial dentures.

Removable Complete Dentures

These full-mouth teeth replacements are designed for patients who have lost their entire dentition. They help people who have lost teeth due to trauma or poor oral hygiene. Dentures help improve the chewing ability of patients and aesthetic appearance.

Dentures take time to adapt to due to the rubbing and pressing of dentures on the mucous membranes. Visits to the prosthodontist for adjustments should resolve this issue. Though there are disadvantages to dentures, most patients prefer dentures over problems associated with an edentulous lifestyle.

Removable Partial Dentures

These dentures are designed for partially-edentulous patients, who have lost some teeth but not all teeth. This is one option for patients.


Fixed Partial Dentures

This is another option for partially-edentulous patients. Instead of a removable denture, these dentures are fixed onto the remaining teeth. They are considered to fall under the same category as dental bridges.

Dental Implants

The remaining option for partially-edentulous patients is dental implant. Patients may choose to have an implant to replace a missing tooth. Implants use a titanium screw and abutment to support crowns. They are another aesthetically pleasing option for patients with missing teeth.