Dr. Anuhya Uppula, D.M.D, MS

Dr. Anuhya Uppula, D.M.D MS
Specialist in Pediatrics
  • Dr. Uppula completed her dental degree at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • She went on to specialize in pediatric dentistry at the University of California, San Francisco, where she gained her Masters degree.
  • She was appointed Chief of Community Service and Global Outreach at UCSF.
  • Dr. Uppula has trained pre-doctoral students for their pediatric dental rotations and lectured students in regards to pediatric dentistry.
  • She¬†enjoys volunteer work including speaking at the Southeast Asian Cultural Center Health Fair and working at children’s festivals.
  • Dr. Uppula enjoys several hobbies: tutoring, badminton, tennis, calligraphy, portrait-sketching, dance, and acting.
  • She is also multilingual: Telugu, Hindi, French, and dental Spanish.