Dr. Steven Ko, D.M.D.

Dr. Steven Ko, D.M.D.
Specialist in Pediatrics
  • Dr. Ko finished his initial dental degree at the University of Pennyslvania.
  • He completed the pediatric dentistry residency program at the University of Buffalo in New York.
  • Dr. Ko has assisted in providing didactic education to dental students at the University of Buffalo and monitored patient care provided by dental students at the pediatric dental clinic.
  • He has passed the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Qualifying Exam.
  • He volunteered with Give Kids a Smile Day  to provide dental treatment for children.
  • Dr. Ko enjoys swimming and was the captain of Columbia University’s Men’s Swim Team where he won several medals and set multiple school records as well as qualified for the U.S. National.
  • He is also bilingual, with proficiency in English and Korean. Dr. Ko also has limited Spanish skills.