Full Arch Restorations

Figure 1

Figure 1 showcases a full arch restoration we finished for one of our patients.

This is an all ceramic restoration with a strong inner framework made out of a material called zirconia. Zirconia is a great material to use for restorations due to it’s high flexeural strength running at about 1100 MPa.

On top of this zirconia framework, our lab layers beautifully translucent porcelain on top – affording us quite a similar look to that of the natural tooth. With the strong zirconia core and the aesthetically pleasing porcelain we are able to optimize look and function.

Figure 2

Figure 2 is a full arch implant bridge restored with gold-toned, custom titanium abutments.

We recommend our patients who are restoring anterior teeth to choose anodized abutments to achieve better aesthetics while not compromising on strength

Figure 3

Figure 3 is a 3-unit bridge we restore for a patient on the lower jaw.

We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful restorations that find a home seamlessly within the patient’s mouth.

Figures 4–6

Figures 4-6 depict the same patient who wanted to achieve a new smile through orthodontics and implants.

Although the patient had initially sought us out for cosmetic reasons, we informed them of the severe bone loss and significant decline in dental mobility that had occurred over the years. The patient made the decision to go with our treatment plan and restore teeth #4 through #13 with an implant supported bridge.

We felt a huge responsibility to give her a beautiful smile and worked collaboratively with our lab to optimize the restorations from custom abutment to custom shading and staining.

For this case, we ultimately decided on a porcelain fused to zirconia bridge to achieve a great marriage between aesthetics and longevity. This case went through a series of collaborative appointments at the end of which all parties were more than satisfied with what we were able to achieve.

Our goal is always to achieve optimum results for great patient satisfaction.